Residential Mortgages

Allow us to remove the worrying bits….and make getting your mortgage easy!

When you make that decision - to purchase your home, it can be a difficult experience which takes a lot of effort, worry and money too. Our well-trained and well-experienced mortgage consultants can take you through the process step-by-step.

What are the steps involved in buying my first home?
1. Obtaining Mortgage Approval through Independent Financial Consultants….you need that Loan Offer Letter… that you know what your budget can be!
2. Find a property.
3. Place Booking Deposit on your chosen home.
4. Check the property out – structurally - if you feel that it is warranted.
5. Instruct a solicitor to act on your behalf.
6. Sign Contracts of Purchase and pay balance of deposit to the Solicitor
7. Loan Cheque issued and the Purchase will be completed by the solicitor.
8. Receive the Keys of your New Home!!

What are the costs involved?
1. Legal Costs (Solicitor’s costs will include a fee for purchasing plus outlays)
2. Government Stamp Duty
3. Valuation Fee approximately €150.00

How much can I borrow?
Up to 100% (terms and condition apply for 100% loans applies to affordable housing schemes only and a restricted number of professional applicants). Banks assess applications on a case by case basis and therefore the only accurate way to determine how much you could be approved for is to contact us directly @ 01-6601 016 or on e-mail:

Re mortgage Opportunity
Maximising your financial status by re-mortgaging property in your investment portfolio; is essential to successful real estate investment. Using money that has accumulated in your existing properties to secure deposits for additional investments is an effective way of growing your property portfolio.

There are many good reasons to consider re-mortgaging – some of which can be summarised below:

1. Locate...a Better Rate...To Save You Money

The Figures speak for themselves……..if you have a Mortgage of € 100,000 remaining (using a term of 25 years) on a property worth € 400,000, the difference can be……a whopping

€ 15,411……..!!

2. Make home improvements

3. Consolidate high-interest debts into a new home loan

4. Raise some capital for personal or investment purposes

5. Get a better service

6. Change the term of your mortgage

7. Because you are coming to the end of a fixed or discounted rate

Allow us to check that out for you……T: 01-6601 016 /

8. Life changes

The only thing that is constant in our lives is Change!
The important thing is to make sure that your financial responsibilities are properly taken care of.

9. Stay with those people who care about you………..

After many, many years in this business…..our client referrals say it all……we take the time and the care to look after you and to make sure that you get what you ask us for……!

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